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Quote1 Your skin may be a different color... but there is no man alive I'm prouder to call... brother! Quote2

Appearing in "The Fate of... the Falcon!"

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Synopsis for "The Fate of... the Falcon!"

Captain America has decided to venture into Harlem to check on his friend the Falcon when he overhears a news report that the police have the Falcon -- wanted for a crime -- in a tenement building. Believing that his one-time sidekick is innocent, Captain America decides to go and try to see what he can do to help his friend out. As he scales the roof tops trying to find the building he spots the Falcon's bird, Redwing and follows it to the location of the police cordon. Sneaking into the building he finds that the Falcon has been injured.

When Captain America inquires what's going on, the Falcon explains that he was framed by a criminal named Diamond Head, who is the leader of a gang of black supremists that have been trying to take over Harlem. Agreeing to help Falcon clear his name, Cap devises a way to help the Falcon escape. Getting the Falcon to put on his uniform, Captain America exists out the front door and tells the police that he is a hostage and that Captain America helped free him and that he captured the Falcon. When the police go in, they spot "Captain America" leaving the scene, and don't even consider the idea that it's the Falcon in disguise.

Meanwhile, Diamond Head and his minions are going out and roughing up non-blacks who have stores in Harlem, forcing them to pay them protection money to prevent them from being forced out of business. While at the home of Sam Wilson, Captain America and the Falcon go over the information that Sam has gathered in trying to determine the true identity of Diamond Head and the location of his gangs hideout. Searching the records of recently opened businesses, Captain America and Falcon go to check out a warehouse that just recently opened for business. When Cap stakes out the location, he spots criminal Rocky the Lynx, a member of the Maggia near the warehouse. Rocky notes Captain America's entrance to the warehouse and decides to use it to his advantage.

Inside, Captain America is easily over powered by members of Diamond Head's gang, and Diamond Head himself makes an appearance. Before they can shoot Captain America, the Falcon comes out of hiding and fights off the gang members. Cap manages to free himself and knock down Diamond Head. Unmasking the criminal he is surprised to see that it's Rocky the Lynx. As it turns out, the Maggia put up the Diamond Head guise by trying to sweep out other gangs from Harlem so that they can take over the rackets in the area. After the police arrive, take the crooks away and Falcon clears his name, Captain America departs. As he is leaving, Falcon tells him that even though his skin is a different color, he still considers Captain America a brother.

Solicit Synopsis

In the teeming heart of Harlem, Cap rejoins the fighting Falcon in battle with the deadly Diamond-Head!


  • Captain America's face is retouched by John Romita Sr. throughout this story.
  • This issue features a letters page, Let's Rap With Cap. Letters are published from Richard Aiken, Guy Owen, Bennet Marks, Gary Lee Stuber, Moose White, Gary Zweng, and Dave Richter.

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