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Quote1 ... I'll rate even higher with Cap if I can take Spider-Man ... alone. Quote2

Appearing in "To Stalk the Spider-Man"

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Synopsis for "To Stalk the Spider-Man"

After being raised to the surface by the Mole Man from last issue, Sharon Carter faints, having believed she would never see Captain America again. Meanwhile, Captain America warns the onlookers of the dangers of dumping atomic waste matter which was what angered the Mole Man. Captain America looks around for Sharon Carter but after her fainting spell, he does not see her, and sulks away.

Sharon Carter, after awakening, asks where Cap is and is saddened to hear that he left without trying to find her.

Falcon tries engaging in conversation with Cap but he is too busy thinking about Sharon Carter and is obviously distant. This causes Sam to walk away and want to prove his worth as someone other than Captain America's sidekick. Shortly after, Sam spots the police chasing Spider-Man and Sam believes that if he catches Spider-Man, a "public menace," he will finally make a name for himself.

Falcon engages in chase with Spider-Man, but loses him after breaking up a mugging happening close by. However, Redwing has been following Spider-Man back to his college dorm in ESU.

Falcon follows Redwing to the college dorm and, after seeing Peter's roommate Harry Osborn, believes that he is Spider-Man and kidnaps him and begins heading to the precinct to turn him in.

Peter Parker witnesses the Falcon kidnapping his roommate and decides to suit up to disrupt this plan. Spider-Man and the Falcon fight with Spider-Man eventually emerging victorious, leaving Sam unconscious on the ground.

Captain America searches for Falcon and eventually finds him, beaten and battered. However, neither of them know that they are being watched by the crime boss, Stone Face!

Story continued next issue...

Solicit Synopsis

Featuring Spider-Man! Are Cap and the Falcon breaking up? Can the Falcon save himself from a fighting-mad Spider-Man? And oh, that Colan-Everett artwork!


  • This issue features a letters page, Let's Rap With Cap. Letters are published from Frank Nocerino, Laura Frank, Steve Hunsberger,, and Shirley A. Gorman.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story #527Z.

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