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Quote1 Now I know what Steppin Fetchet meant when he said Feet do yo stuff! Quote2
The Falcon

Appearing in "And in the End"

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Synopsis for "And in the End"

The story continues from last issue. The Grey Gargoyle has just broken into the Roost, a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. facility located within a mountain that contains Element X, the substance the Grey Gargoyle needs to make his stone touch permanent. He plans to steal Element X and simply use it to extort the world into bowing down to him. He dispatches the guards and encases Element X in stone allowing him to move freely without it getting volatile.

While that's going down Captain America and the Falcon are tending to Sharon Carter and Nick Fury who have just emerged from their stone prison. The group is also visited by Redwing who has since reverted back to himself as well. The two crime fighters rush to the Roost to stop the Grey Gargoyle by entering through the roof of the facility. The pair sees that he has already obtained Element X and dive into battle. Captain America signals Nick and Sharon who have since made their way to the roof and are witnessing the battle below.

Meanwhile the commissioner of the NYPD speaks with Reverend Garcia who's recovering in the hospital. The two are soon also visited by Leila Taylor who blames the rookie policeman Steve Rogers for Garcia being in the hospital and has a general distrust of white people. Garcia explains that Steve Rogers has been nothing but help to the community but Leila isn't buying it.

Back to the battle as Redwing is able to grab the stone canister after Captain America and the Falcon knock it loose. The Falcon and Redwing then head towards a waiting rocket inside the mountain where they lure the Gargoyle inside it. They're successful as the Gargoyle is focused on the Falcon and the canister that's when he's blind sided by Captain America's Shield which allows for the Falcon enough time to escape off the rocket and for Captain America to close it behind them. In his eagerness to escape the Grey Gargoyle actually aids them by turning the now closed door to stone further solidifying his imprisonment. As the heroes run for the shelter Sharon and Nick, who are in the rocket control room, launch the rocket. Shooting the Grey Gargoyle and Element X into space.

Solicit Synopsis

The final battle with the Grey Gargoyle! But what about - Element X? Talk about suspense!


  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story #703Z.
  • This issue features a letters page, Let's Rap With Cap. Letters are published from David Wilt and Steven Utley.

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