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Bucky (Jack Monroe)

Appearing in "The Incredible Origin of the Other Captain America!"

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Synopsis for "The Incredible Origin of the Other Captain America!"

Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter are ambushed by the Captain America and Bucky of the 1950s. Steve is knocked out early but as the pair came after Sharon, Sam Wilson in the guise of Falcon showed up to try and help. However their combined effort was not enough to take on the deranged super duo and they were also knocked out.

The three heroes awoke sometime later tied up where the insane Captain America gave the three a history lesson on how he and the other Bucky came to be. He told them of how he found the secret formula that had been lost with the death of its creator in an old German journal that was obtained by spies within the experiment. He took this information to the United States Government but wouldn't give it to them unless he was the one to be given the serum and become the new Captain America, they agreed and began the experiment. After a successful test on a monkey the new Captain America was ready to be made. Before that could happen however the man who brought the formula to their attention and their new candidate declared he needed to look and sound like the old Captain America and so he decided to take the name Steve Rogers and get plastic surgery to look and sound like how he did. After this was done the operation was completed and a new Captain America was born.

Just as he was all set to continue Captain America's legacy however and fight in the Korean War, the war had ended and the need for a Captain America was no longer there and the project was shut down. A few years later while working as a teacher at the Lee School in Connecticut, "Steve Rogers" met a young boy who was as fascinated with Captain America and Bucky as he was even calling himself Bucky after the hero and the two became close friends.

One day while defending the name of Captain America to some other kids he and "Steve Rogers" took a ride into New York City just as a new Red Skull had taken over the United Nations Building. Seeing this as their moment the pair used some injections of Super Soldier Serum and donned their super hero costumes and became Captain America and Bucky. They would go on to defeat the Red Skull and other villains but the effects of the Super Soldier Serum without the needed treatment of Vita Rays cause the pair to become increasingly unstable and already having issues with a changing world increased their paranoia enough to the point for the government to step in and but the two on ice in a cryogenic deep sleep. Years later a member of that project let the pair out after a fear of communism in his own right and thus the "heroes" were free again to fight for what they believed to be right... starting with the current Captain America.

After telling his tale, Falcon made the other Captain America storm off in a rage after a comment on the inaccuracy of his uniform and the three broke free of their bonds and prepared to fight the unstable duo calling themselves heroes.

Solicit Synopsis

So you think you know all about the beginnings of our star-spangled stalwart? Well, wait'll you read - the Secret Origin of Captain America! A shocker!


  • A portion of Young Men Vol 1 24 (December, 1953) is reprinted in this issue. (Original story by Stan Lee and John Romita Sr.). Dialogue has been slightly altered.
  • The Man With No Face appeared in Captain America Vol 1 77, (1954).
  • Electro appeared in Captain America Vol 1 78, (1954).
  • This story is Vol 1 1023Z (as noted at the bottom on Pg. 1).
  • John Costanza lettered the splash page of this issue.
  • The plot of Captain America of the 1950's returning to the Marvel Universe belongs to Editor Roy Thomas.
  • This issue contains a letters page, "Let's Rap With Cap". Letters are published from: Garnet H. G. Barcelo, Rick Bedard, Kevin Zimmer, and Philip Healy.


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