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Quote1 You really are a poor man's version of me, aren't you? Quote2
Captain America (Steve Rogers)

Appearing in "Two Into One Won't Go!"

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Synopsis for "Two Into One Won't Go!"

Left in the hold of cargo clipper plane, Captain America, Falcon, and Sharon Carter ready themselves to do battle against their abductors and would-be murderers; the mad Captain America and Bucky Barnes of the 1950s, their minds twisted by imperfectly replicated super-soldier formula and newly released after years in cryogenic stasis to resume their fanatical fight against communism - a battle they intend to begin by killing the man they think of as a corrupted copy of themselves.

The fakes land their plane on a deserted strip of water off of Miami Beach, and the three heroes launch their attack. Captain America goes after his corrupted would-be successor, whilst Sharon and Falcon pile on the false Bucky Barnes. The mad commie-smasher whips out the deadly Atom-Blaster energy pistol, and whilst he misses his counterpart and Falcon, he blows a hole in the cockpit wall, and the two madmen pile out to give themselves more room to fight.

Captain America and Falcon follow, with Captain America taunting his would-be successor about his status as a cheap imitation, complete with a crumbling shield and a cloth uniform whose back has already been torn away. They brawl fiercely, until an unexpected distraction arises in the form of a coast guard vessel; although the mad Captain America doesn't mean to sink it with a misaimed shot from the Atom-Blaster, he and his phony Bucky Barnes still take advantage of it to flee into the water, challenging the real Captain America to meet them at the Torch of Friendship in an hour.

The real deal is happy to settle the matter now, but the Falcon points out that the sailors from the wrecked ship need them more. Once they have finished rescuing them, the three heroes make landfall - Captain America initially wants to face his failed successor alone, but Falcon and Sharon refuse to let him go against two super-strong madmen on his lonesome. They head to the nearest police station, and once Captain America has shared his story and his Avengers identification card, the desk sergeant sends his men to cordon off the torch to keep gawkers out of potential harm's way.

Meanwhile, in New York, patrolman Bob Courtney and sergeant Brian Muldoon break into Steve Rogers' hotel room and try to turn up evidence that he framed Muldoon to get him suspended. They find nothing, and are seen leaving by the hotel manager. They try to give him an excuse, but he doesn't buy it.

In Miama, the phony Bucky Barnes ambushes Captain America, Falcon and Sharon Carter on his own. Falcon and Sharon send Captain America on to fight his would-be replacement, and battle the faux-Bucky together. With their teamwork, they soon have the stronger but stupider super-bigot taken down.

At the torch of friendship, Captain America enters the adjacent palm forest and is ambushed by his would-be successor. They struggle fiercely, with Captain America calling his failed copy out on how the world has moved on and there are real foes to fight, before finally revealing that he isn't a second replacement, but the original. This revelation drives the self-titled Second Captain America even madder, and leaves him open to a devastating counter-attack that leaves him unconscious.

As the police begin taking the two super-powered madmen away to return to their icy slumber, Steve Rogers can only contemplate an old apophorism: there, but for the grace of god, goes he.

Solicit Synopsis

This is it! Captain America vs. Captain America! Bucky vs. the Falcon! If you miss this one, you'll regret it! You have been warned!


  • Steven Rogers (Grand Director) and Jack Monroe are placed back in suspended animation at the end of this story. They will not reappear until Captain America #231-Captain America #233.
  • Redwing does not appear in this issue. He was left behind in the Bahamas.
  • Captain America helps the Avengers fight the Space Phantom and the Grim Reaper in Avengers Vol 1 106-108 shortly after this story. In Avengers #107 he learns how the Space Phantom made his secret identity a secret again.
  • The superior qualities of Captain America's shield is again portrayed in this issue. When it collides with the 1950's Cap's replica shield, the replica shatters.

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