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Captain America

Appearing in "Two Into One Won't Go!"

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Synopsis for "Two Into One Won't Go!"

Cap's showdown with his replacement from the 1950's: a deranged super-patriot in Miami!

Solicit Synopsis

This is it! Captain America vs. Captain America! Bucky vs. the Falcon! If you miss this one, you'll regret it! You have been warned!


  • Steven Rogers (Grand Director) and Jack Monroe are placed back in suspended animation at the end of this story. They will not reappear until Captain America #231-233.
  • Redwing does not appear in this issue. He was left behind in the Bahamas.
  • Captain America helps the Avengers fight the Space Phantom and the Grim Reaper in Avengers Vol 1 106-108 shortly after this story. In Avengers #107 he learns how the Space Phantom made his secret identity a secret again.
  • The superior qualities of Captain America's shield is again portrayed in this issue. When it collides with the 1950's Cap's replica shield, the replica shatters.

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