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Appearing in "The Crime Wave Breaks"

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Synopsis for "The Crime Wave Breaks"

Captain America and Falcon lie on a rooftop, reeling from the effects of Viper's poison. Cap musters all of his strength in order to reach the antidote and administer it to himself and Falcon in time. The heroes then split up to investigate the mystery of the Cowled Commander and the impending Crime Wave which Viper spoke of.

Cap visits Sgt. Brian Muldoon, who is still bitter about being suspended from the police force pending an investigation into his alleged criminal connections. When Cap mentions the Cowled Commander, Muldoon loses his temper and shares his conviction that the crime boss' secret identity is none other than fellow officer Steve Rogers. Meanwhile, Falcon questions Boss Morgan about Viper and Morgan's former bodyguard unsuccessfully attempt to shoot Falcon. Morgan smugly mentions that he knows Viper's location, and even knows the identity of the Cowled Commander. However, Morgan refuses to share his information with Falcon unless the hero agrees to work for him. Falcon leaves, consoled by the fact that if Morgan knows Viper's whereabouts, then he can find them out, too.

Cap stops some bank robbers, knocking them into a car. However, he's horrified when he sees the extent of the damage a single punch of his has done to both the men and the vehicle. Falcon questions a chemical supplier about the ingredients of Viper's poison, and the proprietor admits that he has a single customer whose recently purchased those exact items: Jordan Dixon. Falcon visits Dixon's residence, where he discovers him still in costume as Viper.

Now in his civilian identity of Steve Rogers, Cap returns to his hotel room, only to discover that it's been ransacked. Rogers' landlord visits him and threatens to blackmail him with an undisclosed secret. Rogers steps outside to clear his head and is knocked out by Sgt. Muldoon and another disgraced officer. The pair seem convinced that they have apprehended the Cowled Commander and that their accomplishment will secure their reinstatement on the force.

Falcon subdues Viper with Redwing's assistance and demands to know the identity of the Cowled Commander. Amused, Viper confirms that not even the Commander's minions know his civilian identity and warns Falcon that when he doesn't report in, the Commander will send a new squad of super villains to take down Cap and Falcon.


  • Due to a reaction from the Viper's venom, Captain America will gain "Super Strength" in this issue. His super strength will remain until Captain America #218. In that issue it is revealed that his power level had reverted back to its original Super Soldier Serum level.
  • Next issue Brian Muldoon will be revealed to be the Cowled Commander.
  • This issue features a letters page, Let's Rap With Cap. Letters are published from Ronald A. Williams, William Wood, Walt Podrazik and Ketih A. Prettyman.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#1105Z.

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