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Quote1 Cap, you said we'd fight as a team! I want to come with you! Quote2
Sharon Carter

Appearing in "Turning Point!"

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Synopsis for "Turning Point!"

Steven Rogers, still ill from the effects of the Viper's venom, has been kidnapped by NYPD Sgt. Brian Muldoon and his patrol partner Bob Coutney. Because Rogers has disappeared several times on patrol for missions as Captain America, they believe Rogers to be a criminal, perhaps the mysterious crime boss: The Cowled Commander. They tie him to a chair but eventually leave. Cap strains against the ropes restraining him and is surprised that he is able to break free. His strength has greatly increased.

He immediately changes into Captain America and goes to confront the super-powered crime wave that is taking place. Falcon also joins him, but the Eel blasts the Falcon from the sky. Captain America catches his partner, saving him from a certain death, but this allows the super-villains to escape. Captain America and the Falcon are joined by their girlfriends Sharon Carter and Leila Taylor, respectively, who want to be in on stopping the crime wave. Much to their chagrin, their offer is declined. Captain America and the Falcon eventually find the location of thee super-villain's hideout. A fight ensues, but the Plantman creates a giant vine that defeats both heroes.

Cap and Falcon are placed in a steel room. The Cowled Commander appears on a video screen taunting the two heroes. He then releases gas into the room. Much to the Falcon's surprise, Captain America digs his hands into the door and pulls it down, revealing again that his strength has been greatly enhanced. The two again engage the super-villains and are victorious this time. They also capture the Cowled Commander, who is revealed to be Sgt. Muldoon. It is also determined that Sharon Carter, Leila Taylor, and Bob Courtney were all captured by the super-villains. However, they are retrieved unharmed.


  • Sgt Muldoon/Cowled Commander is captured this issue. He and patrolman Bob Courtney will not be supporting characters in this title in the future. Brian Muldoon will next be seen in Captain America #242.
  • Steve Rogers appears to abandon his role as a New York City policeman at this time. Although he does appear in uniform for a brief time in Captain America #232.


  • Captain America is kidnapped as his alter ego Steve Rogers. His shield is strapped to his back. He is rendered unconscious and is carried by his two assailants, but neither conspirator notices this huge indestructible disc that is strapped to his body!

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