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Appearing in "Enter: Solarr!"

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  • Armored Car

Synopsis for "Enter: Solarr!"

Captain America and Falcon finish off what is left of the Cowled Commanders Crime-Wave with Steve's newly gained strength they are easily outmatched. This causes Falcon to feel inferior to Captain America and so he leaves the scene to cool off. Falcon heads back to Harlem and witnesses Rafe and Leila being very close with one another, not thinking Falcon swoops in and asks Leila if she would go with him. Rafe puts up a stink but Leila accepts Falcon's invitation and the two grapple away to a nearby rooftop where the two talk about how Falcon feels he's unneeded now that Captain America has super strength. Leila encourages Falcon to ditch Cap and to go his own way.

Meanwhile at the New York Stock Exchange a man calling himself Solarr robs the place and kills many people along the way. It turns out Solarr is in actuality a man named Silas King who while on a trip from Los Angeles to New York his van broke down in Nevada. During the long days in the heat the sun began to madden Silas but by some miracle he was saved before he died. When he awoke in the hospital however he was no longer Silas King but Solarr and he held the power of the sun to unleash.

Back in present day Captain America confronts Solarr. As the two superpowers do battle, Falcon and Leila swoop down into the crowd and watch on. Falcon continues to wonder to himself if Captain America needs him. The fight ends when Captain America throws sun blocking paint on Solarr which causes his connection to the sun to weaken thus weakening his powers as well. The Falcon seeing Captain America handle the bad guy on his own swings away which causes Cap to see him in the distance. He calls out to Falcon but he continues on his way which makes Cap pursue him. Captain America travels right past Sharon's apartment where he struggles to stop and speak with her but weighs that talking to Falcon is more important at the moment and continues his pursuit. Meanwhile at Sharon's apartment, Sharon has packed and left Steve a note which reads that she's leaving and that she doesn't wish to see Steve again. If only he had chosen to stop and speak with her he might have prevented her leaving altogether.

Solicit Synopsis

The Cowled Commander — unmasked at last! (Yes, Marvel accidentally advertised the previous issue during this month)


  • Falcon & Leila Taylor begin dating in this story, and he confides in her about his relationship with Captain America. This is done off-panel, but we know he does not reveal either of their secret identities, as she later (Captain America #165) asks Falcon to tell her "who's behind the mask".
  • Captain America gets kidnapped by the Tomorrow Man in Marvel Team-Up #911, then helps the Avengers fight the Living Bombs in Avengers #113. He then appears briefly in the Ant-Man story in Marvel Feature #10.
  • This issue features a letters page, Let's Rap With Cap. Letters are published from Gary S. Mann, Larry Baum, Laura B. Frank, and Joseph Blackwell.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#1261-Z.

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