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Captain America

Appearing in "This Way Lies Madness!"

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Synopsis for "This Way Lies Madness!"

Captain America, Falcon, and Sharon Carter go through Doctor Faustus' torturous mind games including a faux battle with his henchman dressed as Nazis and putting the heroes into the Psycho Pit which caused them to witness horrible monsters and things from Steve's past. Sam having no connection to this figures smashes through them breaking the Psycho Pit's outer glass freeing them.

After freeing themselves Captain America smashes a nearby door revealing Sharon's parents who reveal that Doctor Faustus is the one responsible for their trouble. Steve also learns from the Carters that his lost love of WW2 Peggy Carter is a patient at the asylum and so Steve storms the tower climbing it's very walls to rescue her. Upon getting to its peak Steve and Peggy fight a swath of henchmen before facing Faustus who holds Steve with a strange device that he plans to use to explode his brain. Peggy throws a candle stick at him, giving Steve enough time to free himself. Dr. Wolfgang charges Peggy but is defeated with ease as Captain America takes care of Faustus.

With the ordeal over the group meets up in its entirety and discuss their next course of action and appreciate that Peggy has regained her mind and can finally start her life up again. Peggy asks Captain America and Falcon to remain with her for a time and the two accept.


  • Peggy Carter is revealed to be Sharon Carter's sister in this issue. In later Marvel continuity, she is Sharon's aunt.
  • Doctor Faustus appears next in Captain America #192.
  • Redwing does not appear in this issue.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Rap with Cap. Letters are published from Duffy Vohland, Carl Randolph and Howard Blackman.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#1327-Z.
  • As noted, although Harrison and Amanda Carter are depicted to be Peggy Carter's parents, this is also later changed in Marvel Continuity. This editor would conject that Harrison and Amanda Carter pretended to be Peggy's parents because Peggy's parents had died earlier when Carter was ill and incapacitated. When the unbalanced Peggy mistook Harrison and Amanda Carter as her parents, they did not correct her, hoping that keeping her from the shocking news of her parents death might cause her to drift back into her previous deslusional and sometimes catatonic state.


  • Page one credits "Irving Forbush" as "Notary Public".

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