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Quote1 ...I think its about time I split for Harlem. As you may remember, I've got a woman there now... and a life of my own I wanna build. Quote2
Falcon (Sam Wilson)

Appearing in "Beware of Serpents"

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Synopsis for "Beware of Serpents"

The Cobra helps to break the Eel and Viper out of prison while Captain America and the Falcon are visiting the Carter Mansion in Virginia. It is there that Steve has a talk with Peggy about "waking" up in the present but how unlike Steve she has aged. It is during this conversation that they meet David Cox a Vietnam veteran and a prisoner of war who lost his arm during the war.

At the hideout of the villains calling themselves the Serpent Squad, the Viper uses his resources as a former advertiser to start a propaganda campaign against Captain America. They also happen to learn through a newspaper article that Captain America is visiting his girlfriend's house in Virginia so they decide to travel there and put an end to him.

Some time later Captain America is debating his responsibilities as Captain America and how he became who is to stop aggressors from harming American citizens but ponders what if America was the aggressor. Sam also informs him that he should be getting back to Harlem but soon after is when the pair are attacked by the Serpent Squad. The groups face off which result in the heroes beating back the serpentine threats leaving the villains to flee while a fire erupted in the sitting room of the Carter residence. Falcon dealt with the main fire while Captain America was suffering through burning hands after grasping the Eel's electric infused suit. Peggy and Sharon rushed in soon after with Peggy tending to Steve's blistered hands.

The following day the Falcon takes the lead while Steve is recovering from his injured hands as the two began tracking down the Serpent Squad. The pair split up to cover more ground when Steve runs into Peggy who has come to help with the search. Cap warns her that they don't intend to be confronting the enemy and are scouting out their location. Soon after the two find the cottage of David Cox who invites the two in. Moments later his wall explodes on impact from a ray fired by the Serpent Squad's Eel-Cannon, one of three upgraded weapons the group now wields to assault Captain America. Captain America goes out to confront the criminals while Peggy tries to plea with David to assist him given his injured hands, but David seems to firmly believe in no more violence after his time in the war and refuses to aide him. Peggy calls him a coward and askes for his gun for she will use it in his stead but he says the rifle is only there as a reminder and that he doesn't have any bullets. Captain America tells them to stop arguing then retreats inside allowing the villains to make their way to the cottage.

The Serpent Squad enter the cottage and confront David about the location of Captain America. He refuses to give an answer to their liking and they start to attack him. Captain America leaps from the rafters and begins battle in order to protect David sooner than he would have liked as David was suppose to act as a distraction to lure the three of them closer. Cap fights off the group leaving only the Eel remaining who retreats as the cottage begins to burn. Falcon who's heard the ruckus stops his retreat with a powerful punch to the face. The Eel stands up and blasts a bolt of electricity towards Falcon but it is a ruse as he targets a nearby tree instead causing its branch to fall onto the Falcon. Falcon calls forth Redwing whom attacks the Eel giving Falcon enough time to get back into the fight and defeat the Eel.

Sam enters the cottage and receives a thanks from Cap for his assistance as he and Peggy attend to David whom was struck by the Cobra's gun. Peggy is confused by David's lack of action but willingness to put his life on the line for his beliefs which seems very different from her time in the war. Steve says much is different about the current times and that he had to learn when he was "reborn" and that he'll be there to help teach her as well.


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