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Quote1 By the gods of the Six Gates! How was this guard allowed to live? Quote2
Yellow Claw

Appearing in "Night of the Lurking Dead"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Yellow Claw
  • Yellow Claw's Giant Scorpion
  • Yellow Claw's Henchmen
    • Hop Sung (First appearance)
    • Chi Foh (First appearance)
    • Numerous unnamed others
  • Suwan (Recap and absorbs Princess Fan-Le-Tamen in main story)
  • Robbers
    • Frank
    • Blondie
    • Unnamed Other
  • Reanimated Mummies
    • Princess Fan-Le-Tamen (First appearance) (Absorbed into Suwan's body)
    • Numerous unnamed others (Death)

Other Characters:

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "Night of the Lurking Dead"

Cap and Falc trail the Yellow Claw to the Museum of Natural History. They quickly encounter mummies the Claw has reanimated from the Museum. Cap and the Falcon eventually defeat the mummies by cutting them apart (The Falcon uses a medieval sword to do so, Cap uses his shield). However, the duo are seized from behind by a two giant zombie minions of the Claw. Captain America and the Falcon are forced to watch the Claw's latest sinister act. Plan Chu recites a spell that transplants the evil spirit of the long dead Princess Fan-Le-Tamen into the body of his good-hearted niece Suwan. To be continued...


  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Rap With Cap. Letters are published from Kevin Brown, Pat Carruthers, P. Altese, and C.A. Adams. The letters page also contains a 1/2 page ad for Marvel Spotlight #12.
  • In this issue, courtesy of her grandfather's mystic powers, Suwan has her body taken over by the villainous Fan-Le-Taman.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#1480-Z.


  • The title "Night of the Lurking Dead" is reminiscent of the 1960's cult horror film "Night of the Living Dead". The Chinese gentleman "Hop Sung" seems somewhat similar to the Chinese character "Hop Sing" from the television show Bonanza.

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