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Quote1.png Guide my hand, my father -- as I avenge your death! Quote2.png
Helmut Zemo

Appearing in "...And a Phoenix Shall Arise!"

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Synopsis for "...And a Phoenix Shall Arise!"

A mysterious villain calling himself Phoenix captures Captain America and renders him unconscious. When Cap awakens, he finds himself in a factory strapped to a large vertical slab dangling above a cauldron of boiling fluid.

The Phoenix reveals himself to be Helmut Zemo, the son of Baron Heinrich Zemo, one of Captain America's deadliest foes from World War II. The Phoenix proclaims his father's genius and speaks at length about his greatest inventions, Adhesive X and the Death-Ray. But during a fight in World War II, Captain America flung his shield at Zemo, striking a vat of chemicals which permanently scarred his face. The effects drove Zemo mad and forced him to abandon his wife and young child. Naturally, the younger Zemo blames Captain America for this and has been nursing a life-long hatred of him because of it.

But now, he has Captain America at his mercy suspended above a vat of the same Adhesive-X that his father had invented so long ago. He is also armed with his father’s Death-Ray. Cap strains at the bonds, but he is making little progress, though salvation is never far away.

The Falcon, along with Redwing bursts in through a factory window and distracts Phoenix. Phoenix fires the Death-Ray multiple times, but to no avail. This gives Cap enough time to strain against his bonds, finally breaking them. He flips out of the way so as to avoid falling into the vat of Adhesive X and reclaims his shield. The Falcon and Redwing chase the Phoenix along a catwalk, but ultimately he tumbles over the railing, falling into the Adhesive-X cauldron himself. Cap and the Falcon believe Zemo to be dead.



  • This issue will be reprinted with minor dialogue alterations by Power Records. This package contained the comic with a thicker hard stock customized cover and came with a narrated 45 RPM record. The record and comic would also appear again on a full-length record that compiled several of Power Records' comic narrations.
  • A small dialogue from this issue was sampled in Eminem's song "Rap God".

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