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Quote1 Where's the rustling, hustling, bustling! The ACTION?! Quote2
Leila Taylor

Appearing in "J'Accuse!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Secret Empire
    • Committee to Regain America's Principles (Main story and flashback)
    • Moonstone (Lloyd Bloch) (Main story and flashback) (Origin revealed)
    • Sanitation Unit (First appearance) (Unnamed)
      • Number Seven (First appearance) (Unnamed)
      • Number Four (First appearance) (Unnamed)
      • Number One (First appearance) (Unnamed)
      • Number Eight (First appearance) (Unnamed)
      • Numerous unnamed members
  •  Stoneface 
  • Stoneface's Henchmen
    • "Jangles" (First appearance)
    • Numerous unnamed henchmen

Other Characters:

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "J'Accuse!"

Captain America is put behind bars after being framed for the murder of the Tumbler and being defeated by the new "hero" Moonstone. After Moonstone subdues Captain America he tells the reporters a fake story about how he was a simple janitor at a university who interacted with a moonstone that granted him powers while cleaning it. In reality he was a criminal who came to the university to steal the moonstone but was caught in the act by university security. While holding the moonstone and throwing his tools he instantly killed one of the guards and while the other one shot at him in retaliation he hit the moonstone causing it's fragmented particles to be absorbed into the criminal. Soon after he used a focused blast on the remaining guard killing him and turning him into ash. After that incident he met with Quentin Harderman and his Committee to Regain America's Principles in an attempt to find work. There along with Viper he was accepted into the fold but given his current criminal status was told to keep a low profile until needed. Some time later after Viper's arrest their plan to frame Captain America was enacted.

Meanwhile the Falcon is in Wakanda discussing blueprints with the Black Panther. Leila Taylor the Falcon's girlfriend gets sent out of the room to chat with Tanzika a court hand-maiden but the two instantly butt-heads. Tanzika doesn't understand Taylor's lingo and explains that one might assume she is an ignorant tribal but even among the universities she attended she never heard such speech. Taylor takes offense to this and returns to the meeting room and makes herself known by throwing a spear near Falcon and Black Panther. The Panther attempting to cool her attitude offers Leila an escort to Lagos, Nigeria where she can be among a more active city. Leila leaves on a Wakandan ship with some escorts but once in the market area she is confronted by a criminal who was originally from Harlem who recognizes her accent. Stoneface has his men fire on Leila's escorts and he kidnaps her so that the two can be alone. Black Panther learns about the teachery when the escorts don't respond to attempts to make contact with them. So after being informed T'challa and Sam plan to act on the situation with Sam sporting some new wings made from Wakandan technology.

Captain America back in the cell is waiting for the justice system to do its job when an explosion destroys the outer wall. A group of men tell him that they are freeing him as his "supporters". Captain America is left with a choice... remain behind and allow the justice system to do its job... or leave with these men and attempt to clear his name before Moonstone can do any more damage.


  • Plot by Englehart, script by Friedrich.
  • Colletta is credited as Vinnie Colletta.
  • Falcon's costume is re-built by the Black Panther with glider wings in this issue.
  • Redwing does not appear in this issue.
  • This story precedes Black Panther (T'Challa)'s apperance in Jungle Action (Vol. 2) #6 "Panther's Rage" arc.
  • This issue features a letters page, Let's Rap With Cap. Letters are published from Gary Frazier, John Libertine, Jr. and Robert Strauss.


  • In line with the Watergate inspiration for the arc, the Sanitation Squad appears to be the reference to Special Investigations Unit known as White House Plumbers.

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