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Quote1 Captain America doesn't exist anymore! He's a living legend of World War II -- no longer living! Quote2
Steve Rogers

Appearing in "Lucifer Be Thy Name"

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Synopsis for "Lucifer Be Thy Name"

Despite the pleas of his partner the Falcon, Steve Rogers remains firm in his conviction not to continue his role as Captain America. Harlem is terrorized when the super-powered alien Lucifer arrives. In order to keep anchored in Earth's dimension, Lucifer merges his essence with the criminal Rafe Michel and the super-powered Aries. The Falcon is unable to defeat the two Lucifers by himself and remains angered that Steve Rogers would not assist him in his battle. Lucifer escapes the police with the help of the Harlem Crime-Boss Morgan who contracts Lucifer to kill the Falcon once and for all. To Be Continued.


  • This isssue contains a letters page, Let's Rap With Cap. Letters are published from Lester Boutillier and Gregory Mooney.

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