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Quote1 I fight for nihilism -- and shall continue so until I, in turn, am cut down! Quote2
Madame Viper

Appearing in "The Coming of the Nomad"

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Synopsis for "The Coming of the Nomad"

Steve Rogers informs Sharon Carter that his is resuming his crime-fighting career. He travels to Sharon's parents home in Virginia and creates a new costume, complete with cape, and dons himself the Nomad. Later, he encounters the Serpent Squad kidnapping the head of Roxxon Oil in a Washington D.C. theater. The Nomad was close to defeating the gang, until he trips over his cape, allowing the squad to escape. The Serpent Squad is revealed to allied with Warlord Krang and the Serpent Crown of Lemuira. To Be Continued.


  • The NYPD Commisioner has not been seen in this title since Captain America #159. Steve Rogers officially quits the NY Police Department. However, he returns briefly as a policeman in Captain America #232.
  • Steve Rogers' new identity The Nomad was suggested by Martha Dukeshire. Dukeshire was writer's Steve Englehart's girlfriend at the time.
  • Madame Hydra kills Jordan Dixon in this issue and assumes his costumed identity as the Viper. She also defeats Cobra and assumes his leadership role in the Serpent Squad.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Rap With Cap. Letters are published from Warren Bluhm, Bill Cragi, W. James Grayson, Jack Brooks, Thomas Graham, and Neal Myer.
  • This issue contains a Series "A" Marvel Value Stamp: Vol 1 61 - The Red Ghost.

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