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Captain America (Roscoe)

Appearing in "Inferno"

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Synopsis for "Inferno"

Nomad arrives in Seattle to deal with the last two members of the Serpent Squad, Viper and Cobra, who are pinned down in a house by police. However, the police (not knowing who he is) tackle him and handcuff him to a the front wheel of a cruiser. Inside, Cobra begins to lose his nerve, and is increasingly disturbed by Viper’s fanaticism. The police attempt to storm the house, but are cut down by machine gun fire.

Sharon Carter checks in on Steve’s movements, and laments his unwillingness to fully retire. Going for a walk, she happens across Dave Cox.

Ripping the wheel off and breaking free, Nomad breaks into the rear as a tear gas grenade ignites a broken gas line. While the flames begin to engulf the house, Cobra’s grip on reality slips and he begins seeing Mr. Hyde in the smoke. Nomad attacks suddenly, fighting Cobra to the ground and turning to Viper. Viper taunts Nomad, telling him that by becoming martyrs, they will ensure that others take up their cause. When Cobra tries to escape, she shoots him in the back, giving Nomad an opportunity to counter; unfortunately, he is blasted aside by a fire hose from outside, and the house comes down on Viper. He escapes with Cobra, and the Serpent Crown is washed into the sewer in the confusion.

In New York, Roscoe jumps across the rooftops when he is confronted by Falcon, but Falcon assures him that he’s done getting on his case and offers to take him on Patrol. Roscoe agrees happily, not realizing that Falcon intends to scare him out of trying to be a hero. As they make their way through the city, Falcon sees Peggy Carter walking with Gabe Jones, but he doesn’t have time to really process this before they stumble across some men breaking into a bank. He suggests they do some reconnaissance, but Roscoe goes racing in. They easily dispatch the bank robbers, and discover that the men’s briefcases are already full of money. Before they have a chance to figure out why, they are abruptly blasted by the leader, who reveals himself to be the Red Skull.



  • In this issue, it is revealed that Roscoe is from Brooklyn. Ironically, this is the same place where Steve Rogers hails.

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