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Quote1 There has to be somebody who'll fight for the dream, against any foe ... Somebody who'll do the job I started -- Right! And God knows I can't let anyone else run the risks that job entails for me! Quote2
Steve Rogers: Captain America

Appearing in "Nomad: No More"

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Synopsis for "Nomad: No More"

While looking for Falcon, Nomad finds himself battling the Gamecock and his henchmen; however, their battle is interrupted when a shadowy figure launches a rocket at the roof they’re on, causing Gamecock to retreat. Leila Taylor overhears them talking about Falcon and asks Nomad why he’s looking for him, assuming that he’s to blame for his disappearance. When he explains that he only just got in from Seattle, she tells him that Falcon has been missing for three days, since running off with “that kid Captain America”. Nomad is confused as to what she means, but focuses on finding his former partner.

He comes across a protest put on by supporters of the Serpent Squad, proving Viper’s taunts correct, and when he tries to set them straight, violence ensues. He then tries everything he can think of to find Falcon: he checks his office (running into Peggy Carter and Gabe Jones), the office of Boss Morgan, who freely admits to hiring the Gamecock, and the office of Luke Cage. Discovering that Cage is in LA, Nomad happens across upset customers, who inform him that banks up and down the Eastern seaboard have been loaded up with counterfeit money. After reassuring them that their savings are insured, he tries calling Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters to see if Falcon was there, finding only the Beast.

Just as his leads are drying up, Nomad is found by Redwing, who leads him to a nearby roof. There, he finds the body of Roscoe strung up on a chimney, and a badly-beaten Falcon. Falcon explains that the Red Skull killed Roscoe when he discovered he wasn’t his old foe and beat the Falcon as a warning. Nomad realizes that, by abandoning his identity of Captain America, he’s failed the people of the United States.

Steve discards his Nomad uniform and prepares to face the Red Skull as… Captain America!


  • After this issue, the Harlem Crime Boss Morgan will no longer be a recurring character in this series. He will next be seen in this title in Captain America #232.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Rap With Cap. Letters are published from David Larkin, Bob Stenson, and Thomas Holaday.


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