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Quote1 ... The Falcon is a creation of the Red Skull! Quote2
Red Skull

Appearing in "Scream the Scarlet Skull"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Red Skull
  • his soldiers
    • Henzel (Death)
    • Heinrich
  • Jordl

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "Scream the Scarlet Skull"

Captain America is dreaming about his old enemies and wakes up in a cold sweat and realizes that the Red Skull is back. He recalls the incidents of last issue and wonders how the Skull killed that man inside the locked room.

Red Skull is happy that his enemy is in disarray but there is only one thing that upsets him: Gabe Jones and Peggy Carter together. He plans to crush the two lovers and believes that without the Fuhrer's guidance the world has started to decay. He then tells Henzel about how he escaped the last time he confronted Cap in Captain America Vol 1 168. He hung on to a wire and swung underneath the Sleeper's torso and out of sight. He hung there till Cap fled and then escaped. He then started to make new plans and deduced that he needed to spread terror. Ergo he devised the Dust of Death. He kills Henzel with the Dust for the crime of questioning him.

Cap, Falcon, Gabe and Peggy meet Oscar Brenner at his house and tell him he is the Skull's next victim. Brenner does not believe this but Cap convinces him that the Skull is the most dangerous foe he has ever faced. Falcon asks him to calm down and correctly deduces that he is angry about Roscoe. Peggy and Gabe are also worried about him. Suddenly, the Skull's forces attack Brenner's home. Cap and Falcon easily defeat them but Gabe and Peggy don't fare so well and are abducted. The abducters fly away with jetpacks and Falcon trails them but he wasn't fast enough.

Cap thinks Gabe and Peggy were the only targets but Brenner smokes his pipe and dies. The pipe was switched in the confusion and it contained the Dust of Death. The Grandfather clock starts playing Chopin's funeral march.

Meanwhile, Peggy and Gabe are being tortured by the Skull. Gabe spits at the Skull and he orders his troops to prepare the torments. Back at Brenner's house, Cap and Falc are being questioned by the police. Frustrated by all the red tape, Cap decides to leave to find the Skull.

In the morning, Cap is called to meet someone in a limo. Cap meets Hugh Jones, president of Roxxon Oil. He thanks him for saving him from the Serpent Squad. But Cap is confused because he was Nomad then and the public have no idea Nomad and Cap are the same person. He tells him he has sources and that the Red Skull is in the old Sosthenes building on Eye St.

Red Skull is astonished that Gabe and Peggy have survived 7 hours of torture. He tells Peggy that he can continue this for 7 days but Peggy spits in his face again. At that moment, Cap and Falcon enter. They defeat his personal guards and he corners the Skull. He orders Falcon to hit Cap and he does so. He then reveals that the Falcon is his own creation.


  • Last issue of Captain America for writer Steve Englehart. Marvel Comics announces this issue that he would take several months absence, but due to several circumstances, Englehart never returns to the title.
  • Sal Buscema draws the first few pages of the "Dream Sequence" this issue. The majority of this issue is drawn by Frank Robbins.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Rap With Cap. Letters are published from Ralph Macchio and Dennis O'Connor. The letters page also contains a Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation.

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