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Quote1 You call him Falcon -- But to me he looks more like a -- Chicken! Slave show them! Show them all what a chicken you are! Quote2
Red Skull

Appearing in "Mind Cage"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Dave Cox
  • Jaz (A gangster) (Only in flashback)

Cameos By:



Synopsis for "Mind Cage"

The Red Skull reveals to a shocked Captain America that Sam Wilson was once a criminal called "Snap" Wilson prior to meeting Captain America. The Red Skull made transformed Sam into a heroic character by using the Cosmic Cube. The Falcon remains under the Skull's control and he makes him fight Cap to the finish. Gabe Jones and Peggy Carter have secretly escaped from the Skull's imprisonment and send out a distress call via radio. In the process, it becomes apparent that Gabe and Peggy are romantically attracted to each other. Back in Virginia, Dave Cox tells Sharon Carter that he is leaving the area. Cap is able to defeat the Falcon and ponders whether he should kill his partner by decapitating him with this shield. However, some mysterious troops quickly come and help Cap defeat the Skull and his troops. The Skull escapes capture, but the Falcon is left in a comatose state.


  • This marks the end of writer, Steve Englehart's, significant run on this title. He had been regular writer for Captain America since Captain America #153.
  • John Warner scripted pages 1,2 and 12-18. Steve Englehart scripted pages 3-11.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Rap With Cap. Letters are published from Tom Schlick, Viktor Rubenfeld, David Wilson and maria J. Sturdy.

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