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Leila Taylor

Appearing in "Screamer in the Brain"

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Synopsis for "Screamer in the Brain"

At Leila Taylor's apartment. Captain America and Falcon are suddenly overcome with madness and hate. They initially fight but come to their senses. While Falcon restrains a similarly maddened Leila, Cap goes outside into a raging mob. He finds a small device wedged between buildings. Although he again succumbs to the madness, he still destroys the device with his shield, ending the riot. Soon after, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent joins Cap and Falcon and calls the shattered device a "madbomb." He takes them to "Madbomb Control," a secret government base, leading them to the "Panic Course," a lethal obstacle course. Successfully emerging, the heroes meet "Henny," the Secretary of State, who has tested them to confirm they are indeed Cap and Falcon. He tells them of two smaller madbombs, dubbed "Peanut" and "Dumpling" that devastated the towns of Miner's Junction and River City. Then he shows them a photo smuggled out by a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, killed in the process, revealing "Big Daddy," a madbomb big enough to destroy the United States which the government thinks is timed to go off for the Bicentennial.


  • This second creative effort by Jack Kirby on this title is quite unique. The supporting characters will shift considerably. Other than the Falcon, the vast majority of characters appearing in this title will be characters created by Jack Kirby during this time period. Sharon Carter will be one exception (She incidentally is a Kirby co-creation debuting in Tales of Suspense Vol 1 75). Neither, Redwing, Nick Fury, Peggy Carter or any of the Avengers will appear in any of the upcoming Kirby issues. The only non-Kirby created character, other than Sam Wilson, to make infrequent appearances will be the Falcon's long-time girlfriend, Leila Taylor.

Basically, Captain America and the Falcon are detached from the rest of the Marvel Universe during Kirby's tenure as writer, artist, and editor.

  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Rap With Cap. Letters are published from Larry Dean, Dean Mullaney, Steve Rogers, and Mike Underwood.


  • This issue contains a Series "B" Marvel Value Stamp: B01 (a portion of The Amazing Spider-Man).
  • John Romita has indicated that the cover for this issue was done originally for a 3-D image, but picked up and published in this issue.
  • The cover image of Captain America has been used in various types of marketing, Topps sticker (1976), Mead Spiral Notebooks, binders, and notebook paper, etc.

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