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Quote1 ... Then tell me why the world suddenly goes topsy-turvy whenever we get a chance to spend a little time as human beings! Quote2
Sharon Carter

Appearing in "Mad, Mad Dimension"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Dimension Zero
    • Zero Street


Synopsis for "Mad, Mad Dimension"

Cap bulls his way into Texas Jack's penthouse to ask about Falcon's disappearance. Having analyzed the situation, Jack's assistant Beasley has a "fantastic projection." On Zero Street, their minds wiped by the "shock treatment," Falcon and Leila join the Night People as Brother Super-Hero and Sister Sweet. Brother Wonderful sends Falcon out to battle a monster, native to the dimension, which has threatened them. Spitting flame and tossing boulders, the monster fells the Falcon. On Earth, Beasley takes Cap and Texas Jack to Zero Street's former site. He tells Cap about Dr. Abner Doolittle, a nuclear physicist who had a nervous breakdown, was committed to the Zero Street asylum, and apparently perfected his dimension machine, swapping the asylum with a patch of an other dimensional planetoid. Cap stakes out the area until the dimensional "fireball" appears. Meanwhile, the Falcon recovers and knocks the monster off the planetoid into "the deep chasm of space." However, fearing further attacks, Brother Wonderful plans to use his machine to send all other monsters to Earth. Testing the machine's components, Brother Wonderful has activated it, creating the "fireball" through which Cap leaps. Texas Jack follows soon after, moments before the portal closes up.


  • The Night People name Falcon "Brother Superhero" and Leila Taylor "Sister Sweet" in this issue.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Rap With Cap. Letters are published from Mark Ingersoll, The Marveriter, Don Williams, and Steve Rogers.

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