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Quote1 This is not the Alamo and an army of those monsters can throw more fire than Santa Anna ever could! Quote2
Captain America

Appearing in "Alamo II"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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  • Dimension Zero
    • Zero Street


Synopsis for "Alamo II"

Cap and Texas Jack materialize in Brother Wonderful's lab. Out on the asylum grounds, Cap finds Leila who doesn't remember him. When Cap touches her, Falcon assaults him. Brother Inquisitor breaks up the fight, telling Cap he must submit to the shock treatment or die. Just then the planetoid monsters attack. Cap, Falcon, and Texas Jack fight back but the assault is overwhelming. All retreat into the asylum but the monsters break through. Brother Wonderful uses his dimension transporter's homing device to attract the monsters, planning to send them all to Earth. Cap convinces Brother Wonderful to test his machine by sending Falcon and Leila through. Texas Jack follows. Cap tricks Brother Wonderful into revealing his transporter's destruct mechanism. He grabs it, tosses Brother Inquisitor and Brother Wonderful through the portal, orders the other Night People through and sets the destruct before departing. The destruct goes off, destroying the entire planetoid.


  • This issue contais a letters page, Let's Rap With Cap. Letters are published from Matt Porter, Dave Farr, John Kirk, Matthew Berkowitz, Kevin Hill, Phillip M. Botwinick, Andy Gorman, Wilson Rivera, Mike Underwood, Larry Twiss, Walter Marvin, Mark McKenzie, and Dean Mullaney.

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