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Quote1.png How fleeting are the years! How immovable is the hatred! Quote2.png
The Red Skull

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  • SHIELD Jet-Copter

Synopsis for "Showdown Day!"

Captain America recovers and takes on Primus, but Zola prods Doughboy to ensnare him and Donna Maria. Primus complains about Zola's intervention, asserting his independence as Doughboy lands at Castle Zola and deposits Captain America and Donna Maria into Chamber Four. The two captives realize they are not alone. In South America, Falcon takes shelter from the boulder avalanche, then comes face to face with another Zola creation, a monstrous bird. In New York, Nelson puts Sharon on the File 116 case, instructing her to investigate Cyrus Fenton, an eccentric millionaire, who may be the financial source of the monster-making. At Castle Zola, Primus demands Donna Maria but Zola forces him to merge with Doughboy. Soon after, Zola contacts his benefactor, the Red Skull, to tell him he has captured Captain America. Witnessing Sharon Carter's jet-copter landing on his grounds, the Skull dons a mask and greets Sharon at the door as Cyrus Fenton.


  • Goodwin is consulting editor.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Rap With Cap. Letters are published from Ed Coker, Scott Gibson, Peter M. Eberhardt, Tom Anthony, and John Harrington.

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