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Quote1.png It seems that he is a vengeance oriented man... and filled with hatred for you, Captain! Quote2.png
Arnim Zola

Appearing in "Nazi "X"!"

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  • Swiss Alps
    • Arnim Zola's Castle
  • Estate of Cyrus Fenton/Red Skull


Synopsis for "Nazi "X"!"

In Chamber Four, Nazi X attacks Captain America and Donna Maria. Zola intervenes, commanding Chamber Four to restrain his creation. He opens Nazi X's helmet to reveal "a most valuable human brain." Donna Maria jumps Zola while Captain America takes his stimulator. The couple flees but Zola hurries to his lab and connects to a machine that allows his mind to animate the entire castle. He attacks Captain America and Donna Maria with curtains, doorknobs, and weapons, forcing them into a dark pit. Meanwhile, Sharon interviews Cyrus Fenton. Thinking him a harmless "old dear," she touches his face and realizes it is a mask. Fenton unmasks as the Red Skull, admitting that he did away with the real Fenton some time before. Sharon uses an electro-pistol to gain the upper hand. The Skull tells her he has captured Captain America and agrees to take her to him. Meanwhile, the Castle Zola pit manifests an eye and mouth and goads Captain America and Donna Maria to Zola's underground lab. There, Zola reveals that Nazi X houses Adolph Hitler's brain and declares his intention to place it in Captain America's body.


  • Goodwin is consulting editor.
  • The cover refers to the menace of "Nazi X". However, no one is referred to by that name in this book. It is inferred that Nazi X is the android alleged to have Adolph Hitler's brain.
  • Royer is credited as Michael W. Royer.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Let's Rap With Cap. Letters are published from Robert Morgan, Larry Lisowski, John Libertine, Jr., and J.F. Koelsch.

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