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Captain America

Appearing in "The Face of a Hero! Yours!"

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Synopsis for "The Face of a Hero! Yours!"

As Captain America and Zola confront each other in the lab, Donna Maria throws a chemical-filled bottle that starts a fire, engulfing Zola. Grabbing other bottles of chemicals, Captain America and Donna Maria flee. Meanwhile, the Red Skull ferries Sharon to the Alps and Castle Zola. The lab fire sets off explosions that affect the living castle. It attacks Captain America who fights it off with more explosive chemicals. Captain America and Donna Maria enter the courtyard where two Zola creations accost them. As Donna Maria sets 'the Big Eared Sentry" ablaze, Captain America battles his "Murder-Machine" companion. The Skull and Sharon arrive. Sharon shoots a chemical vial that explodes and destroys the creature but the explosion and the monster's assault blind Captain America. Soon after, the entire castle explodes. Sharon and Donna Maria escape but the Skull grabs Captain America, forcing him to stay. However, a tower falls, separating the combatants. Sharon and Donna Maria pull Captain America to safety as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, following Sharon's hidden homing device, arrive. They carry the blinded, wounded Captain America to a helicopter and lift him, Sharon, and Donna Maria to safety.


  • Goodwin is consulting editor.

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