Quote1 In our line of work, losing one's life is always around the corner. Quote2
-- Captain America (Steve Rogers)

Appearing in "The Night Flyer!"

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  • Undisclosed SHIELD Medical Facility



Synopsis for "The Night Flyer!"

After dreaming that he is fighting the Red Skull, Captain America awakens, still blind, in the hospital. The Falcon, whom a SHIELD team rescued in South America killing "Big Bird," is by his bedside. Just then, SHIELD orderlies bring in a heavily-bandaged patient whom they call "the Defector." That night, a sleeper agent who has infiltrated SHIELD tries to eliminate the Defector but Captain America intervenes. Although blind, Captain America defeats the agent, knocking him out the window. Meanwhile, hearing his sleeper agent has failed, Corporation East Coast leader Kligger allows his protege Veda to call in her assassin, the mystic, perfection-seeking Night Flyer who rides his hang glider to the SHIELD facility. There, the Falcon attacks him. Night Flyer fights off the Falcon, then, leaving his hang glider to circle above, evades a SHIELD assault force, enters Steve's room, and shoots the Defector. The Falcon and SHIELD agents enter and surround him, revealing that the Defector he shot is a dummy, replacing the real one after the sleeper agent attempt. The Night Flyer surrenders his weapon but announces that he must find and eliminate his target and that "no one here can prevent it."


  • Goodwin is consulting editor.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Letters to the Living Legend. Letters are published from Bill Dickenson, Allen Underwood, Bob Goodwin, Jr., and "Jasper Sitwell".

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  • The Grand Comics Database: Captain America #213 [1]


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