Quote1.png I should have guessed! You're not the real Captain America! Quote2.png
-- Johnny Storm

Appearing in "The Human Torch Meets... Captain America"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Strange Tales #114.

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  • "Captain America's" Aerial Platform

Synopsis for "The Human Torch Meets... Captain America"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Strange Tales #114.

After a training session with his sister, the Human Torch learns of an antique car show which boasts that Captain America will make an appearance. While there seeing his childhood idol, some thieves steal the box office receipts for the show, and Torch and Captain America manage to stop them, however Cap tells the Torch to go away, and steals all the glory.

Later that night "Cap" springs the crooks out of jail. When the Torch learns of this he goes after the criminals who admit that "Cap" planned the whole thing. After a chase across the city, the Torch manages to catch "Captain America" and unmasks him, revealing him to be the Torch's old foe the Acrobat. Afterwords, the Torch wonders what became of the real Captain America.


  • With the exception a page 1 splash page, this is a reprint of Strange Tales #114 (November 1963). This story was a try-out issue for Captain America prior to revival and his entrance into the Silver Age of Comics in Avengers #4 (March 1964).
  • No letters page is published this issue.


  • At the end of this issue, Johnny Storm reads a comic book and determines that Steve Rogers is Captain America. However, when Captain America is revived in {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|comic| | }}, he has retained his secret identity as Steve Rogers.

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  • The Grand Comics Database: Captain America #216 [1]


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