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Quote1 I struck the waters off Newfoundland and plummeted... Quote2
Captain America... (as recorded in Avengers Vol 1 4)

Appearing in "One Day in Newfoundland!"

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Synopsis for "One Day in Newfoundland!"

Corporation thugs attack Captain America and Veda. Captain America quickly defeats them and tells the police to turn them over to SHIELD. The pair continue on to Avengers Mansion where Veda shows Captain America a photograph of Agent R, Veda's mother. As Veda moves closer to Captain America, Iron Man mistakes Veda for Sharon Carter. At SHIELD headquarters, Fury directs Sharon to the gym where Falcon is training the SHIELD Super-Agents. She tells Falcon about Captain America kissing Veda. Captain America and Iron Man go to the sub dock and board the Sub where Captain America listens to audio tapes of when the Avengers discovered his frozen body in the waters off Newfoundland. Captain America then travels to Newfoundland where he hopes to learn more about his past. While walking around a small town, Steve sees uniformed men acting strangely. As Captain America, he chases them through tunnels under the docks, quickly defeating them. Looking around, Captain America finds himself in a laboratory, where he's approached by "General" Lyle Dekker, who shows Captain America his giant Ameridroid.


  • This issue shows that Captain America disappeared off the coasts of Newfoundland in 1945. However, this appears to be ignored in Captain America Volume 5, 2008. Speculation: Events have been altered by the Cosmic Cube?
  • This issue reveals that the effects of the Viper's serum on Captain America in Captain America Vol 1 157 have worn off. As a result, he no longer has "super strength".
  • The agent of the Corporation again claims that Agent "R" was her mother. She also states that Agent "R" worked in espionage 10 years after World War II. Recent revelations from Captain America: The 1940's Newspaper Strip Vol 1 reveal that Betsy Ross was Agent "R". Readers await more explanations from Marvel Comics.
  • There is not letters page published this issue. In it's place is a one page advertisement for Daredevil.

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