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Quote1 Now to give this punk a taste of his own medicine! Quote2
The Falcon

Appearing in "The Ameridroid Lives!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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Synopsis for "The Ameridroid Lives!"

Aboard Red Skull's submarine, Red Skull tortures Lyle Dekker for his failure to sabotage the "Captain America" serial. Dekker is jettisoned out a torpedo tube and eventually picked up by fishermen. In Newfoundland, Dekker recruits an army of mercenaries. Captain America and Bucky try to stop Baron Zemo's launched drone plane (Av Vol 1 4, '64 fb). Bucky is caught in the plane's explosion, and Captain America is thrown into the English Channel. Captain America is picked up by Dekker's men and brought onto Dekker's submarine. After his army uniform is removed, he meets Dekker as the sub speeds west until it docks in Newfoundland. Dekker brings Captain America to his lab and shows Captain America his experimental nerve gas and a device designed to transfer Captain America's power into Dekker's body. Captain America breaks free and retrieves his shield. Out of sight, Captain America redresses in his army uniform as a disguise and tries to escape by plane, but Dekker's men shoot it down with a heat ray. Captain America is bathed in nerve gas and crashes in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Newfoundland. General Dekker tells Captain America how he survived their last encounter as he saps Captain America's energy with his equipment Dekker hooks himself into his equipment and begins the final stages of his plan to steal Captain America's power. At Avengers Mansion, Veda checks in with Kligger.

Appearing in "On a Wing and a Prayer"

Featured Characters;

Supporting Characters;




Synopsis for "On a Wing and a Prayer"

A wannabe super-villain bird-naps Redwing. The Falcon makes quick work of him.


  • Goodwin is consulting editor.
  • Sequence 1 The Ameridroid Lives!
  • Letters (story pages) Lay pages 1-17, Kawecki (uncredited) pages 19-22.
  • Sequence 2 On a Wing and a Prayer
  • The last pages of the The Ameridroid Lives! were lost making it necessary for the editors to come up with this fill-in story.
  • The colourist is not credited.
  • This issue does not contain a letters page.

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