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Quote1.png You're the reason I can never rest! You're the cause! You are why a man of peace must wage war! Quote2.png
Captain America

Appearing in "Saturday Night Furor"

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Synopsis for "Saturday Night Furor"

Two joggers find Captain America floating unconscious in the water. He awakes in their home and discovers his face is not his own and that he has no memory of recent events. He returns to Avengers Mansion where Iron Man points out that his false face is a synthetic skin disguise. Wasp tells Cap he met Al Avision last night, but Cap knows no one by that name. Following every lead possible, Cap eventually discovers that he's been poisoned. Trying a different tactic, Cap goes through the Avengers phone records and finds his answer. Cap contacts General Fist to tell him that he and Ken were discovered in their mission to stop the Madbomb component smuggling operation, and that Ken must have been tortured and killed. Cap races toward the scheduled Madbomb convoy in time to engage Tarantula and Senor Muerte. Cap quickly defeats the villains and Fist arrives to secure the Madbomb components.


  • Letters (story pages): Novak? (uncredited) page 1, Costanza pages 2-17.
  • In this issue Ken Astor masquerades as Al Avison. Al Avison was a golden age Captain America artist.
  • This is a fill-in story and does not allude to any of Captain America's conflict with The Corporation or his Search for Steve Rogers.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#C-888.

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