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Synopsis for "Devastation!"

After surveying the Amtrak wreckage, Nick Fury brings Captain America to SHIELD HQ where he argues against Cap's request to have Mason Harding unlock his memories. Dum Dum Dugan shows Cap Veda's file, including a picture of her mother, Agent R. Cap recognizes her from Operation: Rebirth despite her age and scars in the photo. Cap frees Harding from prison when he agrees to help. Meanwhile, the Corporation has deemed Veda a liability, so Kligger kills her. In Connecticut, Harding uses his experimental mind-probe device to unlock Captain America's dormant memories under Nick Fury's supervision. The process is a success, but an unfortunate side-effect returns Captain America's body to its pre-Super Soldier status.


  • The memories embedded in Steve Rogers mind which were revealed this issue are probably false ones. They were implanted as false memories during World War II and/or are those of another individual.[1]
  • The Corporation agent Veda claims to be the daughter of Agent "R". In this issue, a photograph of her "mother" Agent "R" is seen. The photograph of Agent "R" has her face grotesquely disfigured. This could lead one to several points of speculation:

This storyline is never clearly resolved (and probably never will be). Dum Dum Dugan was sent to investigate, but his body is seen inhabited by the Red Skull next issue.

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