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Quote1.png I damn you Captain America for what you are! We are deadly opposites you and I... Quote2.png
Red Skull

Appearing in "The Deadly Gauntlet"

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  • The Red Skull's "Death's Head" Satellite

Synopsis for "The Deadly Gauntlet"

Captain America runs through the bowels of the helicarrier, hounded by an army of Red Skulls. In the control room, the true Red Skull gloats. When the sun rises momentarily, its rays will be reflected through a magnifying prism, killing the chained Nick Fury. Soon afterward, Cap defeats a Skull sentry and enters a room where Red Skull awaits. Cap throws his shield, but it's caught in Red Skull's magnetic barrier. Skull alerts Cap that the rising sun is about to kill Fury, and warns Cap that if he attacks or tries to save Fury, he will activate the Death's-Head ray sooner than planned. Recalling Bucky's death, Cap appears frozen with indecision, allowing the rising sun to cook Fury. When Skull taunts Cap, the Avenger lashes out, capturing the control unit and deactivating the Death's-Head satellite, causing it to explode. The "Skull" changes back into Nick Fury and collapses. Cap tells Fury that he had tricked Red Skull: noticing that the captured Nick Fury wasn't sweating, he had realized it was actually an LMD.


  • In this issue, the Red Skull tries to manipulate Captain America to kill Nick Fury (whose body has been inhabited by the Red Skull). This is probably the first attempt by the Red Skull to destroy Captain America as a symbol and legendary figure. The Skull realizes merely killing Captain America will only cause him to be a "martyr" and perhaps even more of a symbol to the American people. This theme has continued into future Captain America conflicts such as Civil War.
  • This issue does not contain a letters page. In its place is a one page advertisement for Invaders.

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