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Quote1.png I am cleansing the weaknesses which threaten to destroy America... Eliminating discordant elements... Purifying her essence... and all that stuff! Quote2.png
The Grand Director

Appearing in "The Flame and the Fury"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Morgan
  • Carl "Pigsticker" Peel
  • NYPD
    • NYPD Commissioner



Synopsis for "The Flame and the Fury"

Peggy Carter leaps from her car just as it explodes. Captain America swoops down to the rescue, capturing the National Force agents and seeing Peggy to an ambulance. But before Cap can question Peggy's attackers, they activate their firesuits, committing suicide by burning alive. Later, the stalker watches Cap enter his apartment. Believing he can more easily uncover information about the Grand Director as Steve Rogers, Cap dons his police uniform and visits Commissioner Feingold, but the Commissioner tells Cap that he has been instructed not to bother the group from his superiors. A hood points Cap to Morgan for information, who tells Cap that the National Force is marching on Harlem.

Meanwhile at National Force HQ, the Grand Director, reclining on a psychiatrist's couch, is reassured by a mysterious man in shadows that he is doing the right thing. Cap arrives in Harlem to fight the Force's blitzkrieg squads, but he is stopped cold when he is confronted by Sharon, who has apparently joined the National Force. Suddenly, Morgan and his men arrive, and Cap is caught in an imminent crossfire between Morgan and the National Force.


  • The Falcon (Sam Wilson)'s longtime nemesis, Morgan, makes an appearance this issue. He has not been seen in this title since Captain America Vol 1 183.
  • The NYPD Commissioner also re-appears his issue. He has not been seen in this title since Captain America Vol 1 159.
  • Captain America briefly reprises his civilian identity as a NYPD officer in this issue.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Letters to the Living Legend. Letters are published from Verde, Charles David Haskell, Charles K. Tague, and Kurt Busiek.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#LG-279.


  • Letter writer and later Marvel iconic writer Kurt Busiek writes in this issue, "The last person to understand the Beast is Steve Englehart." Busiek would later go on to write the Avengers as well as a Beast/Wonder Man mini-series.

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