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Appearing in "Burn, Cap, Burn!"

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Synopsis for "Burn, Cap, Burn!"

The National Force interrupts local television with a propaganda film. In the broadcast, a brainwashed Captain America defeats a group of brainwashed protestors. He brandishes his shield for the camera, which has been painted with a swastika on flames. Watching incredulously from Matt Murdock's townhouse, Foggy Nelson & Becky Blake turn off the TV in disgust. When his friends leave, Matt changes into Daredevil and scours the streets of Manhattan, believing that Cap is in trouble. After saving an old man during a police chase of a National Force vehicle, Daredevil follows the car to a waterfront warehouse. Alerted by a silent alarm, Dr. Faustus and the Grand Director enter the warehouse with the brainwashed Cap in tow. Convinced that Daredevil is a spy, Cap viciously attacks Daredevil. Realizing that Cap has been brainwashed, Daredevil manipulates Cap into dousing his shield with oil. The oil mixes with the new paint on the shield, sloughing off the swastika. At the sight of his original shield design Cap's memory is restored, but Cap and Daredevil find themselves in the crosshairs of several National Force gunmen.


  • This story follows Daredevil Vol 1 158.
  • This issue features a letters page, Letters to the Living Legend. Letters are published from Brian Fos, Bob Roine, O. Hall, Mike Sopp, and Sid Plait. The letters page also contains a Jack Kirby clip art image of Captain America.

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