Quote1 Take the Luger, Captain. Kill Bucky. Quote2
-- Dr. Faustus

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Synopsis for "Death Dive!"

After barely surviving a bi-plane attack of Faustus' flying fortress, Daredevil pilots an Avengers Quinjet to allow Cap to sky-dive and covertly enter Faustus' dirigible stronghold. Faustus was in the process of dropping mind-controlling gas over New York City to put the Big Apple under his mental manipulation. When the Shield Slinger reaches Faustus, the Doctor explains how he freed the Grand Director from suspended animation, put him under his mental command, and had him kill his former partner Bucky. Cap encounters the Grand Director who chooses to incinerate himself rather than fight the real Captain America. Soon Cap also subdues Faustus and saves the city.


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  • The Grand Comics Database: Captain America #236 [1]


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