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Captain America

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Synopsis for ""From the Ashes... ""

This is a major chapter in the history of Captain America. As the story opens, Cap is explaining to the media the events that have taken place with his brainwashing under Doctor Faustus. After the news conference, he is approached by a television crew that show him video evidence that his longtime girlfriend, Sharon Carter, under the influence of Faustus had incinerated herself. Cap is visibly disturbed by this news.

Weeks pass and no one has seen Captain America. The Falcon tries to track him down to no avail. He then contacts the Avengers. While a discussion is taking place amongst the heroes, Steve Rogers walks in. He tells them that he has moved and is planning a career as an artist. (Some may recall that Steve Rogers had previous training and talent as an artist prior to World War II).

Readers then get there first glimpse of 569 Leaman Place. This is the new brownstone where Steve Rogers will be staying. He meets a new cast of tenants. He meets a firefighter (Mike Farrel) running to a call, and Joshua Cooper, a neighbor down the hall. Josh explains that residents in this house are a tight-knit group that look our for each other. Josh invites Steve to have dinner with the Brownstones owner, Anna Kapplehaum.

Anna is an older lady that Steve has recalls meeting long ago. She is a Holocaust survivor with distinctive numbers tattooed on her arm. She tells a long story about her time at a brutal death camp, Diebenwald. The camp was eventually scheduled for mass execution of its prisoners. However, the camp was be liberated by Allied Forces led by Captain America. Cap enters the camp, bounding in on a motorcycle proclaiming, "Murderers, these people will be free!"

After hearing this story, Steve eventually returns to his room. He is interrupted by a call from Nick Fury. Fury tells Steve that he has a mission for Captain America. Cap agrees to go, but is looking forward to his new life when he returns.


  • In this issue, Captain America moves to 569 Leaman Place in Brooklyn Heights. He will remain at this address until Captain America #317.
  • Diebenwald is a fictional "death camp".
  • This issue contains a letters page, Letters to the Living Legend. Letters are published from Jeffrey Lowndes, Commander Quotey, Jonathan Hechbeg, and Bill Hara.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story#LG-481.


  • Steve Rogers phone number is listed this issue: 212-555-3592.
  • Anna Kapplebaum's death camp number, permanently tatooed on her arm, is shown. She is has been designated as 3456011.

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