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Captain America

Appearing in "Gang Wars!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Big Thunder
  • The Coney Island Cruisers
  • Assorted gang members (George, Bernie, Bobo, Weasel, Cliff, and Ernie named)

Other Characters:

  • Jacob Kirsch
  • Bruno and Mr. Fields (mobsters)



Synopsis for "Gang Wars!"

In a dark alleyway, the Coney Island Cruisers are hassling an older gentleman, Jacob Kirsch, to leave his apartment. The mob wants to take over his building and Kirsch is the last tenant remaining. Captain America stops the gangster's brutality towards Kirsch. Cap then seeks out and confronts a leader of the gang, Bobo, and his henchmen. After defeating them, Bobo leads Captain America to another gang leader, Big Thunder. After a brief confrontation, Big Thunder eventually forces Cap to stand down by showing that he has captured Kirsch and will kill him unless Cap does what he says.

Big Thunder's plan is to bring some mobsters in to witness him defeating Cap a one-on-one fight. By defeating a superhero living legend, Big Thunder's reputation and street credibility should rise considerably. Cap is to take a fall in order for Kirsch to live. During the fight, Cap knocks Thunder through a wall and into the open areas of Coney Park. Cap eventually swings up to where Kirsch is being held, disarms his captors, and punches out Big Thunder when he enters the room. When they see Big Thunder has been defeated, the mobsters flee. It's a happy ending for all and Jacob Kirsch is allowed to go home in peace.


  • Plot by Paul Kupperberg, script by Alan Kupperberg.
  • This issue contains no letters page.
  • Aas seen on page one, this issue is Story#LG-569.

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  • The Grand Comics Database: Captain America #240 [1]


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