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Captain America

Appearing in "The Lazarus Conspiracy"

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Synopsis for "The Lazarus Conspiracy"

While Steve Rogers is on a freelance art assignment during a court hearing for SHIELD's use of LMDs, a group of mercenaries steals Exhibit 'A', the LMD master matrix, the mold from which LMDs are created. Captain America tries to stop them and a stray bullet damages the matrix during the battle. Cap tails the robbers to Cameron Electronics, where the aging owner of the plant intends to transfer his mind into a perfect artificial body with the matrix, but his bitter son already has plans to sabotage the process and end his tenacious, overbearing father's life and inherit the company. When the already damaged matrix is overloaded, Cameron emerges from it as a misshapen monster.


  • This issue contains a letters page, "Letters to the Living Legend". It publishes letters from: Brian Nelson, Todd Hines, Terry Rochester, R. Carlson, and Tom Scarlett.

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