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Synopsis for "The Calypso Connection"

Steve Rogers' landlord Anna Kapplebaum has had several instances of seeing Nazis in her neighborhood. (Anna is a Holocaust survivor from World War II). In this issue, she sees her villainous camp doctor from Diebenwald, Dr. Mendelhaus, in Brooklyn. Cap finds out that Mendelhaus is being pursued by two Nazi hunters: Aaron Heller and his daughter Marie. Before Cap can react to these occurances, Anna has been captured by Nazis who support Dr. Mendelhaus.

Upon encountering her former tormentor at a safe house, Anna is shocked that the doctor does not remember her. Anna finds out that Mendelhaus now wants no part of the Nazis plan to resurrect a regime in South America. These Nazis plan to transport Mendelhaus out of the country in a boat named the "Calypso". When a Nazi soldier tries to execute Anna, Mendelhaus objects and knocks the gun from his hand. Cap eventually finds Anna and defeats all her kidnappers. In the melee, Anna finds herself holding a pistol and has the opportunity to kill Mendelhaus. Aaron Heller suffers a heart attack. Cap begs Anna not to pull the trigger. Anna wavers. A shot rings out, killing Mendelhaus. However, Anna did not fire the shot. Marie Heller had fired the fatal bullet.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Letters to the Living Legend. Letters are published from Charles D. Haskell, Matt Kaufman, and Bob Shoals.

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