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Quote1 Cap's a good man... But you remember what happened when movie stars started running for office. Quote2
J. Jonah Jameson

Appearing in ""Cap for President!""

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Synopsis for ""Cap for President!""

A young Steve Rogers learns about civics in school. Captain America stops terrorists from blowing up the New Populist Party's convention and meets Sam Underwood, the convention's chairman. Sam and his staff try to convince Cap to run for President. Cap declines at first, but agrees to think about it when pressed. When Steve returns home, Josh gives him a letter delivered a few days ago which proves to be an army questionnaire. He and Josh help Bernie move into her new apartment until Mike arrives with a copy of the Daily Globe, which declares Cap will be running for President. Steve is surprised to find his friends think it's a great idea. Cap arrives at Avengers Mansion to find it besieged by reporters. Inside the mansion, Jarvis gives Cap telegrams from both the Democratic and Republican parties asking Cap to represent them. Beast offers to be his campaign manager. Iron Man warns Cap of the red tape he'll get caught up in. Wasp says he's a candidate the public could trust, and Vision points out that Cap is unqualified. Cap considers his position and calls a press conference. He explains his duty is to uphold the American Dream, but being President of the United States would require him to preserve the reality of the country. Since the two objectives are at odds, Cap must decline the candidacy.


  • Plot assist by Perlin and McKenzie (explained in the letters page: Letters to the Living Legend), input by Shooter.
  • Story pencils: last page by Hannigan.
  • The letters page also contains a published letter from James Keepnews. Replies and Editorial from Roger Stern.
  • A follow-up story on "What If" Captain America became president was in What If? #26.
  • Since this issue was published in 1980, Cap's opponents probably would have been future President Ronald Reagan and incumbent President Jimmy Carter.

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