Quote1 ... Let's see what your power is against a master of LA SAVATE! Quote2
-- Batroc

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Synopsis for "The Mercenary and the Madman"

After using a power sapper to make Ryker's Island prison go dark, armed men storm it and free the drugged Mr. Hyde. Hyde wakes on Batroc's floating barge HQ where Batroc asks for the five million dollars Hyde had promised to whoever freed him. Hyde reveals there is no money yet and after a brief fight convinces Batroc to partner with him for a much larger prize. The next day after hearing that some of Hyde's rescuers had French accents, Captain America visits District Attorney Blake Tower to share his suspicion that Batroc may be involved. Meanwhile, Batroc and Hyde take over the Queen of Egypt, Roxxon's new supertanker. Contacting Roxxon, Hyde demands a billion dollar ransom and Captain America as a prisoner, or he'll blow up New York with the super-tanker's volatile cargo. Later, Batroc and Hyde rendezvous with "captive" Cap to retrieve the ransom, but Cap attacks. Cap is quickly defeated and awakes chained to the Queer of Egypt's bow as it sails directly into New York Harbor.


  • This issue contains a letters page, Letters to the Living Legend. Letters are published from Kurt Busiek, Deborah L. Rose, Tim Courts, and Mark Dillon with responses from Roger Stern.
  • In this issue, Plumber Advertising is now spelled "Plummer".

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  • The Grand Comics Database: Captain America #251 [1]


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