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Quote1.png I do not believe it! You have ruined me again Capitan! You... I... oh, well! I guess those are the fortunes of war! C'est la vie! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Cold Fire!"

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  • Roxxon L-N-G super-tanker

Synopsis for "Cold Fire!"

Mister Hyde chains Captain America to the bow of the oil tanker, then plans on using it as a nuclear torpedo that will destroy all of New York City. Batroc, wanting no part in Hyde's mass murder scheme, surreptitiously loosens the chains binding Captain America, allowing him the ability to break free. Batroc returns to the wheelhouse of the ship and attacks Mister Hyde. Hyde suspected that Batroc might betray him and prepares to snap his spine. Captain America boards the boat and slings his shield at Hyde. Batroc and Captain America then double-team Mister Hyde, driving him towards the back of the ship. Mister Hyde rips free a gas main, which coats him with natural gas that instantly freezes over him. He then topples off the side of the ship seemingly to his doom. Captain America dives into the water to rescue him, while Batroc makes his escape on a tug boat. Captain America fails to find any trace of Mister Hyde, but manages to use Hyde's mini-sub to catch up to Batroc's boat. He radios the Coast Guard, who surround Batroc, forcing him to surrender.


  • This issue includes a two-page pictorial history entitled "The Life and Times of Captain America". The vignette provides snapshots of Cap's career both as a soldier in World War II, and a member of the Avengers.
  • This issue includes a layout of Steve Rogers' apartment at 569 Leaman Place, illustrated by John Byrne.
  • This issue includes a one-page feature entitled "Steve Rogers' Friends and Neighbors" featuring mini-biographies of Anna Kapplebaum, Josh Cooper, Mike Farrel and Bernie Rosenthal.
  • This issue includes a 2nd feature entitled "Captain America's Partners Against Crime" featuring mini-biographies for Nick Fury, Dum Dum Dugan, the Falcon, Leila Taylor, Bucky and Sharon Carter. The final panel, intended as team-image of the Avengers, instead features a postscript which reads, "Dear Roger, if you think I'm going to draw all of the Avengers - every single member and all of the various hangers-on - in this little space, you can think again! -- John Byrne".
  • This issue includes a flashback to Captain America's first fight with Mister Hyde from Captain America #152.
  • This issue includes a flashback of Mister Hyde in his identity of Calvin Zabo. The flashback takes place during his six-month prison stretch at Ryker's Island following the events from Captain America #180-#182.
  • The Scorpion appears in a cameo flashback to events from Captain America #152.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Letters to the Living Legend. Letters are published from Carol Bellamy, Kurt Busiek, and Jeff Gelb.


  • On the cover to this issue, Batroc's name is misspelled "Batrok".
  • This issue includes a Hostess Fruit Pies advertisement featuring Iron Man entitled, "Iron Man vs. the Bank Robbers!"

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