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Baron Blood

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Synopsis for "Blood on the Moors"

Failing to slay Captain America, Baron Blood flees as dawn breaks, returning to the nearby village, where he dons his Dr. Cromwell disguise and meets his first patient of the day, Jenny. As the day progresses a hunt for Blood throughout the surrounding villages draws a blank. Ken and Joey take a break from the search at the pub where Ken's girl Jenny works, but she faints while talking to them, and they find bite marks on her neck. In Brooklyn Heights, Bernie and Anna clean Steve's apartment. Bernie takes a message that Steve lost an art assignment. Lord Falsworth, dressed as Union Jack, insists he will serve as bait to lure Blood, but suffers a heart attack while arguing with Cap and his daughter. They later call family doctor Dr. Cromwell to check on Lord Falsworth. When they leave Cromwell alone with Union Jack, Cromwell reveals himself to the Baron's surprise. Captain America joins the battle and is forced to decapitate the vampire. Joey reveals himself as the new Union Jack, and the group later burns Baron Blood's body. During the funeral, Lord Falsworth passes on.


  • Plot by Stern and Byrne, script by Stern.
  • Page one states, "Special Thanks to Colin Campbell for his kind assistance."
  • This issue is dedicated to former Captain America artist Frank Robbins. Robbins was the first artist to draw Union Jack.
  • This issue contains a letters page: Letters to the Living Legend. Letters are published from: Bruce Weintraub, Al Schroeder III, Will Hevelin, Eric L. Watts, and Jon Green.
  • In this issue the first Montgomery Falsworth (Union Jack I) dies. It is also revealed that the second Union Jack died in 1953. Joseph Chapman (Earth-616) assumes the mantle as the third Union Jack.


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