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Quote1.png Old Druid lore has it there is a secret hidden in Greymoor Castle. Quote2.png
The Druid

Appearing in "The Ghosts of Greymoor Castle"

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Synopsis for "The Ghosts of Greymoor Castle"

Memories of past adventures bring Captain America to England's Greymoor Castle. As Cap makes his way through the decrepit castle an armored figure attacks him, sending Cap into the reopened Z-Ray pit. Cap saves himself but lands hard, knocking himself out. The armored figure brings Cap to safety and reveals himself as Cedric Rawlings. Cedric believes ghosts of the past are haunting him in the castle, so Cap investigates some noises. When a stone gargoyle almost crushes him, Cap discovers the Druid is responsible. Druid reveals he is searching the castle for an arcane source of alchemical knowledge, and their battle leads back to the Z-Ray pit. Cedric saves Cap by knocking Druid into the pit, but he almost falls in as well. Cap saves Cedric and discovers the ancient texts Druid was looking for. Cedric tells Cap to take the books, and Cap considers having Scarlet Witch translate them.


  • Greymoor Castle was detonated, burned, and destroyed in Tales of Suspense #71. How it was restored complete with hidden arcane treasure is never revealed.
  • This issue contains a "Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation".
  • This issue contains a letters page: Letters to the Living Legend. Letters are published from Bob Holland, Larry Gentry, Joseph Finley, Todd Benedict, Jay Nemo, Gene McTague, and Tommy O'Brien.

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