Quote1.png It was at the end of World War II--over 30 years ago today that I-- that he...Bucky... Quote2.png
-- Captain America

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Synopsis for "Deadly Anniversary"

In the American Midwest, Bruce Banner is abducted from his hotel room. Sometime later in England, Captain America disembarks a plane and takes a taxi to a remote location. Matrix Eight agents attack Cap and brings him before the Master of Matrix Eight, a former assistant of Baron Zemo. He shows Cap the Gammadroid, a powerful robot based on the captured Hulk's unique metabolism. Hearing enough, Cap breaks away and frees Banner, accidentally overexciting him into the Hulk. A sprinkler on the ceiling sprays Adhesive X onto them, Cap notices it and dodges, but Hulk, who doesn't know what it could do, does not, and is almost completely covered, and it hardens. Cap tries to break it, but can't, and so he teases Hulk, who becomes enraged and breaks the substance covering him. Cap directs the Hulk's rage to take down the Gammadroid before he's knocked out by gas. Sabotaging the lair Cap carries the unconscious Banner out escaping through an underwater tunnel. The Master finds himself trapped as the base explodes. On land, Cap tells Bruce he was visiting the area for the anniversary of Bucky's death.


  • This issue contains a 3 page story "Charlie America's Family Album". It is reprinted from Not Brand Echh #12.
  • This issue also contains a two page story "How to be a Comic Book Artist" from Not Brand Echh #11.
  • This issue also contains a letters page: Letters to the Living Legend. Letters are pubished from Stu Krull, Mike Ruggiero, Jim Sherlock, Alan Olinger, Afrit, and Mike Ciccerone.
  • Jean Simek is an uncredited with an assist as letterer for this issue.


  • In Captain America #253, Captain America notes that it has been "a long time" since he has been to England. In this issue, it is revealed that he makes a trip to England every year on the anniversary of Bucky's "death".

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