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Quote1.png Tonight's the last time I ever put so much liquor into my system! Quote2.png
-- Captain America

Appearing in "Celluloid Heroes"

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Synopsis for "Celluloid Heroes"

Steve Rogers spends a night on the town with Sam Wilson and Josh Cooper. The trio happens across a mugging, so Josh gets the police. When Josh returns, Steve and Sam have already defeated the muggers but the police warn them to let the authorities handle it next time. The next day, Captain America and Falcon report to Avengers Mansion. They learn that Galactic Films is filming a new Captain America movie and that a new Nomad is patrolling the streets of Los Angeles. Cap visits Galactic Films as an excuse to investigate Nomad, only to be confronted by the Nihilist Order. Nomad intervenes and upstages Cap. Elsewhere, the mysterious Teacher confers with Ameridroid and prepares for his battle with Cap. At a studio press conference, a reporter reveals herself as a Nihilist Order agent. Cap tries to stop her and her accomplices, but Nomad's upstaging gets in the way. Cap thanks Nomad anyway. Later, Nomad is punished by his secret mentor and employer Teacher for failing to discredit Captain America.


  • Even though he vows to never do this again, Captain America is visibly intoxicated this issue. This led to some controversy from reader's and fans at the time. In modern continuity, Captain America states that the Super Soldier Serum in his body prevents him from getting drunk. [2] This editor would surmise that any enhanced individual could put enough poison/alcohol in their system to eventually affect their perfomance, i.e. previous incidents with Carol Danvers and Hercules.
  • Inkers on this issue are credited as "Quick Draw Studios".
  • No letters page is published this issue.

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The Grand Comics Database: Captain America #261 [1]


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  2. Captain America Vol 4, #27

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