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Quote1.png When you are dead, I will at last come to grips with myself... Quote2.png
Lyle Dekker (Ameridroid)

Appearing in "Death of a Legend?"

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Synopsis for "Death of a Legend?"

The media continues to hype Nomad at Captain America's expense. Lenny shows Cap his scrapbook, and explains that since Cap saved his life once, he wants to make the Cap movie as good as it can be. Meanwhile, Teacher chastises Nomad. Once Nomad leaves, Teacher and Ameridroid discuss Nomad's naivete. Over the next few days, Cap makes various public appearances until the Nihilist Order strikes during a benefit. Once again Nomad upstages Cap, thanks to a Nihilist Order agent tripping Cap. Later Nomad worries once the caper is over that he'll be reduced to a nothing again, but Ameridroid assures him otherwise. Later, the Nihilist Order attacks Galactic Films' Captain America Day parade. Cap is surprised to see Ameridroid who paralyzes Cap with gas and kills Nomad. When Cap awakens, he reminds Ameridroid that they're friends. Angry, Ameridroid turns on Teacher, only to be knocked out. With his plan near completion, Teacher reveals himself as the Red Skull!


  • Inkers are credited as "Quickdraw Studios". Other individuals also assisted besides Frank McLaughlin.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Letters to the Living Legend. Letters are published from Douglas Cline, Jim Scribner, Michael Moscoso, Karen Morchy, and Mike Deeds.

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