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Red Skull

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Synopsis for "The Last Movie!"

Red Skull uses a remote control to have Ameridroid attack Captain America. During their battle, Cap is able to get through to Dekker's human side, helping him overcome the Skull's control. Dekker attacks Red Skull, but is overpowered by the Skull's force field. Cap follows up the attack, discovering Skull was a robot. Meanwhile, Nomad's body is taken by paramedics and Will Brynner is arrested. The police have proof he's been working with the Nihilist Order. Cap follows the Skull's lead to Democracy Pictures, and battles an army of Nihilist Order agents. Meanwhile, Lenny learns the Cap movie is canceled, to be replaced with a documentary that will air tonight. Cap eventually finds himself in the Galactic Films' owner's office, where the Skull waits. Red Skull reveals that by discrediting Cap, then exposing his own anti-Cap scheme to the media, he was able to guarantee everyone in the country would watch his pre-made Cap documentary laced with hypnotic suggestions that will induce a violent frenzy. Dekker bursts into the office and attacks the Skull, apparently destroying himself, the Skull and Galactic Studios in the process. Cap seizes the documentary before it can air and burns it.


  • The "Lou Grant" show was a long running prime time televison show. Characters portrayed in this issue, Billie and Joe, were reporters from the show in Los Angeles.
  • This issue contains a letters page: Letters to the Living Legend: Letters are published from: Jim Baals, J. Kenneth Rivera, Barry Dutter, Bob Braley, Kevin C. McConnell, and Mike Zytka.
  • Inkers for this issue were credited as "Quickdraw Studios". Other individuals worked on this issue besides Frank McLaughlin.
  • In the letters page it is mentioned that the mystery man stalking Steve Rogers from Captain America #231-Captain America #233 has never been revealed. Editors muse that he must not be able to find Captain America's new address in Brooklyn Heights.
  • The Letters Page also has a clip art image of Captain America drawn by John Romita Sr..
  • Although Ameridroid is explicitly destroyed this issue, he will return years later in Captain America (Vol. 6) #2.
  • Cap as drawn by Jack Kirby returns in the inca box.

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