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Quote1.png You go! I'll shield you! Quote2.png
-- Captain America

Appearing in "Thunderhead!"

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Synopsis for "Thunderhead!"

As Steve Rogers leaves a party hosted by J. Jonah Jameson, the Street Suckers try to mug him. Leaving the same party, Peter Parker is surprised to see an ordinary citizen defeat the gang. Peter photographs the event, but Steve doesn't want his picture in the paper. His spider-sense tingling, Peter follows Steve as Spider-Man. Spider-Man is able to tag Steve with a spider-tracer when Steve suddenly teleports away while using a pay phone. Spider-Man is grabbed from behind, but his attackers vanish through a wall when he tights back. Elsewhere, robots attack Steve. He quickly changes into Captain America but is overpowered. Meanwhile, Spider-Man's attackers pull him through the wall. He's greeted by Nick Fury, who enlists Spider-Man's help to track down Cap. S.U.L.T.A.N. reveals himself to Cap, explaining that when he was fired from S.H.I.E.L.D. he turned himself into a cyborg and began his quest for revenge against America, starting with Washington, D.C.'s destruction. Fury and Spider-Man are captured and brought to S.U.L.T.A.N., but launch a counter-offensive with Cap. S.U.L.T.A.N. launches a nuclear rocket, so Fury grapples onto it. When Spider-Man and Cap follow they discover S.U.L.T.A.N.'s base is really a flying island and plummet to their doom.


  • A poster promoting the movie "Raging Bull" is seen on page one.
  • This issue contains a two page letters page: Letters to the Living Legend. Letters are published from: Rick S. Jones, Juddy Justman, Barry Dutter, Jovial John A. Wilcox, Luke Clemente, David Peattie, Wilson Rivera, Jim Artmayer, and Steve Gawzonski.

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  • The Grand Comics Database: Captain America #265 [1]


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