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Quote1.png Reach out. Dare to dream the highest dreams and you will make a difference. Quote2.png
Captain America

Appearing in "The Man Who Made a Difference!"

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Synopsis for "The Man Who Made a Difference!"

When Captain America addresses a high school assembly, a student ridicules Cap's "false" American dream and tries to assassinate him. Cap quickly subdues the student, but even a date later with Bernie Rosenthal can't get the confrontation off his mind. In Hell Kitchen Everyman preaches to his followers and plots Cap's destruction. Later, while Cap befriends some neighborhood kids, Everyman contacts the press. As Cap shows the kids around Avengers Mansion, he's appalled by a news report on Everyman. Meanwhile, Maggie, one of Everyman's followers, asks why violence is a necessary part of his movement. Instead of answering, Everyman talks about his father. That night on Liberty Island, Cap easily defeats Everyman. Everyman desperately takes Maggie hostage and declares he'll kill her, despite having gained the fame he craves by spitting on Cap in front of the press. Cap distracts Everyman, saves Maggie, and defeats Everyman again. Maggie tells Cap that Everyman's view represents despair, but Cap's view represents helping people out of despair. She decides she likes Cap's view better.


  • This issue contains a two page letters page: Letters to the Living Legend. Letters are published from Joe Pila, Kevin J. Dooley, and Len-Dean-King.

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